Mini GibbyGop

Here’s a first look at the new Mini GibbyGop. This is the 3D printed prototype. He’s about 3.5″ tall. Were not sure what colors to make him yet so if you have any preferences, please comment!



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4 Responses to Mini GibbyGop

  1. Pamela Dumlao says:

    I want one for my office! Can you do a red white and blue gibby gop for the election?

  2. Sean says:

    Great idea doing 3d print for the prototype! Might I enquire as to what 3d printing service you went with? I ask as I’ve wanted to print a character of my own but some of the online 3d printing services don’t print high enough quality. The one I went with was too thick on the per-layer printing, thus getting a ridged pattern on what should have been smooth surfaces and I lost the nice smooth surfaces that I’d modeled inforthe character 🙁 .

    Any direction would be greatly appreciated!